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“Sonu Dangerous” or also known as Imnan Ahmed Shah is born in Lahore Pakistan on July 28, 1990. A Leo by sign, and “dangerous” by character. A graduate in commerce, Sonu followed his dream thereafter. The traditional young boy had the expected hobbies such as Cricket, Karate, Gymnastics and of course video games, Sonu also followed music and dance videos. In 2000, Sonu immensely followed pop artists such as Michael Jackson and India’s Prabhu Deva. Being truly inspired by these two individuals, Sonu idolized these two expert dancers/performers. Pakistan was yet to see any such artist develop from their country. Sonu followed their styles, techniques and was inspired by their work, which enhanced his passion and determination to follow their footsteps and make this into reality. It was a struggle to break the norm and introduce and follow a male into the industry, but Sonu fought all odds and began his struggle as a stage dancer in 2001. In 2002, Sonu thrived in performing at multiple stage shows, commercials and other music videos and had a break though with his performance on his idol Michael Jackson’s track DANGEROUS.

Pakistan now had their very own “Michael Jackson”… SONU DANGEROUS! Sonu captivated an unbelievable performance on his rendition of performing on this track, that Pakistan had never seen such talent and genre/style in this country! A phenomenon in itself, this is how Sonu was named “SONU DANGEROUS!” There was no limit to the sky this time. Sonu than was flooded with offers, name, fame and opportunities and fledged into working with large media channels such as Mtv pakistan ,IM ,Indus Visioin , The Musik , Ary , Geo Entertainement , Play Tv,etc… and many of pakistan’s leading directors and celebrities. Sonu now saw his vision and dream becoming reality. After almost 8 years of struggle, Sonu released his first international renowned album titled “The Dangerous” following his lucky charm “nickname” and idol Michael Jackson’s footsteps. This album led to three music video releases titled, Ashiq , Ashiq remix & Deewane Dil ja.

Now an internationally known and acclaimed singer, performer and yet choreographer. Sonu joined the entertainment industry since the year 2000, he has won the prestigious MTV Pakistan Award for his first music video titled “Aashiq” for best choreography, Dancer as well as a singer. Sonu is a strong vocalist delivering dynamic energy both vocally and physically with his stage presence. In addition to performing flawlessly, he not only dances but also choreographs, sings in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and English. Sonu successfully made a comeback in 2012 with a chartbuster titled “faribiyan di rani” which included music by well known music director Ali Mustufa (Digitel Inn studios).

Sonu even composes his own lyrics for his compositions. Sonu is headed to other parts of the world soon and has multiple new videos and tracks to be released in the upcoming months. One of his upcoming music videos due for release is titled “Nasha” with a very talented artist Alveena Shah. Sonu has already completed two successful tours of the usa where he was a chief guest and performer at multiple events such as an international super model pageant titled RUNWAY PRINCESS and Doomsday Party 12-12-12 by Mr. Adnan Khwaja ( AA Film studios) and Muhammad Idrees(livevisionusa) . Sonu also has infact shot his new upcoming music video due for release in summer 2013 “Crazy Zamana” entirely in the USA.

With Many new ventures in the pipeline, Sonu followed his heart and made his dream into reality. Sonu dared to dream, and he reached the stars. Now with even more passion, bigger dreams, Larger projects, More visions and hardcore determination, stay tuned for breaking exciting updates on SONU DANGEROUS right here!

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